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Residential Pest Control Services

Home Pest Control, Residential Pest ControlRosie’s is a family owned and operated firm. We provide residential pest control services for customers in the greater Memphis, Tennessee area. Our pest control service area includes all of Shelby County Tennessee. We follow eco-friendly pest control practices. The products and technology we use are designed to support our environmentally friendly approach. The residential pest control products we use are 100% people and pet safe.

Residential Pest Control services are conveniently packaged into monthly or quarterly plans. We have a plan for every budget and a plan that will eliminate every pest issue you may be facing. With our Secure Home Plan, Secure Home Plus Plan, and Secure Home Premium Plan packages you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having made the best choice possible for you and your family!



Residential pest control is the process of eliminating pests and maintaining a healthy environment for humans. A pest is any animal that is unwanted in a home and may cause damage to property or pose a threat to the people living there. Pests include rats, mice, cockroaches, ants, spiders, fleas, ticks and other insects.

Rosie’s Pest Control offer both preventive and reactive pest control measures. Preventive measures include home inspections. Keeping your house clean so that pests don’t have somewhere to live or food sources available for them is really important. Removing clutter makes it harder for pests to thrive. Our inspectors will check to see f anything has been disturbed or moved around in a manner consistent with pest infestation. A thorough inspection ensures we can detect the source of the problem.

Once we have identified the specific pest causing the issue, we deploy reactive measures. This involves applying specific chemicals or applications that deal with the precise pest causing the problem. All of the products we use are people and pet friendly. Reactive can even include such things as getting rid of any standing water in the yard. Standing water can attrack specific pests, like mosquitos. Pest can spread diseases. Catching and effectively addressing the problem early can ensure the living environment you depend on is free of unwanted intruders.



Residential Pest Control – Interior Services

Residential Pest Control, Home Pest ControlRosie’s Pest Control offers residential interior pest control service. We start with an in-home inspectial. During the inspection we check each room, including closets, cabinets and suspected entry points pests may be using. We typically treat residential interior areas with a variety of pesticides, including insecticides and fungicides. The specific treatment used depends on the type of infestation, but we may also utilize baits or traps. Residential interior treatments work best when done on a recuring basis. We offer monthly, quarterly and annual programs.

  • Interior powder application treats pest hiding places such as door and window frames, baseboards, wall plates and fixtures.
  • Interior web wiping removes spider webs from ceiling corners and beams, window sills, and other surfaces to destroy the spiders’ source of food – its web.
  • Monitoring stations traps insects invading your home and are strategically placed in critical areas to provide you with a report card on insect activity inside your home.
  • Bait stations are set under kitchen and bathroom sinks to treat for cockroaches and ants that are attracted to moisture.
  • Botanical aerosol eliminates pests hiding in closets.



Residential Pest Control – Exterior Services

Residential Pest Control, Home Pest ControlResidential exterior pest control is a process that involves the treating of the exterior of residential property, including lawns and gardens. This can be done to prevent infestations and keep pests away from the property. The exterior of a home is where you’ll find the most insects, rodents, and other pests. They tend to make their way onto your property through cracks in your foundation or around doors and windows, which can lead to infestations if not taken care of quickly.

Treating your home’s exterior can help prevent these issues from arising in the first place. It can also help keep pests away from your home by making it harder for them to get inside. If they do get inside, they’ll have fewer places to hide from treatment once it starts working!

  • Identifying access points where pests are enterring the home
  • Exterior chemical application around the base of the home
  • Monitoring bait stations that have been strategically placed around the home
  • Fogging areas around the home that can harbor mosquitos
  • Applying specific chemical products to lawn and garden areas
  • Bee & Wasp nest elimination