Rosie’s Pest Control

Secure Home Monthly Or Quarterly Pest Control Plan

We offer a number of different monthly or quarterly pest control plans. One of the more popular options is our Secure Home Plan. This program is our base service package. It provides protection from spiders, silverfish, ants, roaches, rodents and other common indoor pests. The program is affordable and effective.

The actual cost of the pest control plans we offer is based upon the total square footage of the home we are protecting. Another factor in the pricing is the treatment plan requirements. The types of products that we will apply, depends upon the pests we are working to eliminate. All of the products we utilize are environmentally friendly. They are people and pet safe.


Secure Home Plan

Indoor Protection: Ants, Roaches, Rodents, Silverfish, Spiders

Home Square Footage
Monthly Quarterly
0 – 1,999

2,000 – 2,999

3,000 – 3,999

4,000 – 4,999

5,000 – 5,999

6,000 – 6,699

7,000 – 7,999